information for students


Information for incoming students

Dear students,

On behalf of the Erasmus+ program and the Department of Pre-Primary and Primary Education you
are very welcome at Charles University. In the attached links you will find a list of our courses with
further details about their content together with when and where they are taught.

We believe that studying at the Faculty of Education at Charles University within our department will
be an important part of your professional development.

Below you will find an overview of the courses, information about practical training, contacts and
useful links. We all hope that you will enjoy your stay in Prague.

PhDr. Barbora Loudová Stralczynská, Ph.D.
Departmental co-ordinator for International Relations and the Erasmus+ Program

  • Online info meeting is offered in the orientation week during your first week in the semester (usually
    an online participation is possible) – for the specific date and time of this important meeting please
    follow the actual information provided by the international office.
  • Erasmus students can choose from the courses listed below taught at our department or they can
    choose from a wide range of courses offered by other departments that will help ensure they a study
    programme related to their areas of interest.


List of courses for academic year 2021/2022

Winter semester

Code Subject Credits Teacher contact
OEMNN1701Z Primary education 6 credits

Teaching practice I


5 credits
OEMNN1704Z Encouraging creative and innovative thinking in schools 4 credits
OEMNN1711Z Young Children’s Worlds 5 credits


Summer semester

Code Subject Credits Teacher contact
OEMNN1701Z Primary education 6 credits

OEMNN1706Z Pre-primary Education – current trends and challenges in Europe 6 credits
OEMNN1708Z Teaching practice II 5 credits
OEMNN1712Z Inclusive Education and multiculturalism 4 credits



Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 4 credits
OEMNN1713Z Comenius: Teacher of Nations 5 credits

Czech courses for incoming students

Slovak students and students who understand Czech can also enrol in courses offered for Czech
students. The list of courses is arranged according to the study programmes of each field of study
and is published in the Karolinka.

Teaching practice

Every year we update and organise our offer in relation to the number and interests of students who
come to study at our department. For the 2022/2023 academic year, we have a slightly smaller
course offer for the winter semester compared to the summer semester. During the 2023/2024
academic year, there will be a greater range of courses offered in the winter term.
If incoming students are interested in doing teaching practice beyond the courses (Teaching
practice I and II), this is possible in justified cases, as well as e.g. school placement, etc.
In such cases, it is necessary for interested students to contact at
least 1 month before the beginning of the semester so that we can arrange the extra placement.