information for students


Information for the incoming Erasmus students

Dear students,

It is an honour to welcome you on behalf of the Department of Pre-Primary and Primary Education Erasmus at our University.

In the attached links you will find a list of our courses and a presentation to learn more about them.

Department of pre-primary and primary education online info meeting:  24. 2. 2020 9:00am

We all hope that you will enjoy your stay and you will learn something new.

PhDr. Barbora Loudová Stralczynská, Ph.D. and Jaroslav Pěnička

(16.2.2021 presentation)

List of courses  Summer semester 2021

Code Subject Credits Teacher contact
OEMNN1701Z Primary education 6 credits


OEMNN1706Z Pre-primary Education – current trends and challenges in Europe 6 credits
OEMNN1702Z Teaching practice I 5 credits
OEMNN1708Z Teaching practice II 5 credits
OEMNN1703Z Drama Teaching 4 credits
OEMNN1712Z Inclusive Education and multiculturalism 4 credits


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 4 credits
OEMNN1710Z Students Research Project in the Czech Republic 4 credits


OEMNN1711Z Young Children’s Worlds 5 credits

For slovak students: see study program for Czech students

Further consultation with Barbora LOUDOVÁ  STRALCZYNSKÁ and Jaroslav Pěnička are possible. The actual information about the consultation hours is available here.

The other information about the Erasmus+ program here.