Courses provided by the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Pedagogy

Teaching Practice I


Mgr. Jaroslav Pěnička


5 credits

Type: Practical training (
Repetition: Even numbered weeks  (odd numbered in calendar)
Schedule: Tuesday 8:50


Goals: 1. Introduce the structure of the Czech education system, inclusive of minority types of schools, as well as instructional styles prevalent within mainstream Czech education. The course reflects the specific features of Czech system, which consist in the fact that the majority of state schools work in accord with the National Curriculum. 2. Enable direct contact with Czech pupils by the means of hands-on experience in the course lesson activities. Duration: 40 hours (10 – 12 school visits) Methods: classroom observation, discussions, evaluation, individual work Outcomes of the course: Diary of the teaching practices, essay Evaluation: By grade

Aim of the course

  • classroom management
  • classroom planning
  • pupil motivation
  • interdisciplinary teaching
  • pupil evaluation 
  • teacher professional development

Teaching methods

Observing (Primary schools, video analysis)


Reflective methods


Course completion requirements

Requirements for students

  • • Prepare and conduct a research project in the Czech republic.
  • • Make a report of the research activity based on literature preview.
  • • Profound preparation
  • • Continuous assigned tasks according to the teacher

Tasks include several unsorted tasks and two classified assignments. Students
have to complete detailed and non-standard tasks according to the
requirements of the subject. The instructor will share the details of the criteria
of the assignment according discussion with the class

Grading/ Classification
The written project will be evaluated:

  •  in terms of thoroughness and prudence of the description
  •  in terms of the amount of analysis carried out

The grades are awarded according to the scale completed with honours of
usable at Charles University.