Courses provided by the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Pedagogy

Pre-primary Education – current trends and challenges in Europe


PhDr. Barbora Loudová Stralczynská, Ph.D.


6 credits

Type: Lecture
Repetition: Every week
Schedule: Tuesday 12:35 (1,5h)


The course inquiries into current trends and challenges of early childhood education and care in Europe. The course focuses on the diversity of education systems and educational reality in the Czech Republic, in countries of participating students and in other European countries. Students will be provided with key information on development trends and important topics related to current developments in pre-primary education in Europe (structures of ECEC; public policies concerning ECEC and family supporting measures; quality of ECEC; education guidelines; specific language support measures for children; outcomes, assessment and reporting; professionalisation). Part of the lessons are dedicated to topics chosen by students during previous lessons. Lessons are conducted through lectures and discussion. The outcomes of the course (after approval) are a group presentation and a comparative essay. The topic is depending on a student’s choice. Included in this course is a field trip to a faculty nursery school. Time load (6 credits): – direct class instruction: 24 hours – working on Moodle tasks and preparing for lessons, icl. hospitations in nursery schools: 96 hours – preparation for the final presentation: 30 hours


  • Introduction to the course
  • Comparative Education and ECEC in Europe
  • Key Data on ECEC in the Czech Republic in comparison with ECEC systems in students´ countries
  • Public policies concerning ECEC, Film Childcare Stories,
  • Quality of ECEC  – education guidelines, outcomes
  • Method Carly – practical approach
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Learning Story method
  • Specific language support measures for children – Kikus method

Teaching methods

Lessons are conducted through lectures, discussions and students´presentations.


Course completion requirements

  1. Active participation,
  2. Group presentation (the topic of the presentation will be specified in relation to the issue of specific lessons) and
  3. Students prepare an essay (individually or in a group of 2-3 students). Every student is supposed to write an essay on a specific topic of pre-primary education. The topic will be approved by the teacher of the course. They will approve the skills in working with the literature and the information databases. The presentation of essays will be done individually.