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Film education

Film education


Mgr. Barbora Holubová


4 credits


The course treats the issue of the Film Education, a rising of educational interest throughout European countries. Its goal is to increase the film or audiovisual literacy among children and young people, to make them more aware of the character of the audiovisual material they are in contact with daily, and to develop their creative abilities. We shall start with overviewing the current situation in the Czech Republic and Europe as a whole and discuss the meaning of the content of the Film Education. Then we focus more in depth on different parts of film: its (non)narrative character and film language, social and historical context of cinema – we shall discuss them in the context of their didactical potential. The students will be also involved in creative work throughout the semester, working on their own short film.


  • What is Film Education? Its concept by British Film Institute, Czech situation, approaches in other European countries.
  • Film Education as a part of curriculum. What knowledge and competencies can it develop? Film literacy, media literacy.
  • Creating film stories. Didactical potential of narration and documentaries.
  • Film as reflection of the reality. Author film vs genre film.
  • Presentations of scripts, discussions over final projects.
  • Image and cinema; photography, framing.
  • Film language, its parts. Mise-en-scene.
  • Film festival visit.
  • Film editing, film sound.
  • Final projects development.
  • Test.
  • Final projects presentation.

Teaching methods

For our online sessions, we shall meet through MS Teams and Moodle System of Charles University – 
We will talk to each other through MS Teams (I will be sending you invitations for them through e-mail), and I will leave the Power Points, study material and your homework at Moodle, where you submit it later as well. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can also contact me at 

Course completion requirements

Students are expected to be present at the classes and to participate actively. There will be assignments given weekly. There will be a final test and the students will complete a creative project (short film) during the semester.