Courses provided by the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Pedagogy

Encouraging creative and innovative thinking in schools


PhDr. Petra Vallin, Ph.D.


4 credits


The course will help students to unlock, discover and release their creative potential and will present them with methodologies that can be applied in a classroom setting. Participants will learn about different forms of arts, ICT applications, reading and writing, questioning and other techniques to foster creativity in schools. The course is designed as a series of workshops that are composed of hands-on activities, practical tips, and the final creative project.


  1. Creativity and education, divergent thinking
  2. Bloom taxonomy, creative tasks, good questions
  3. The creative child, the creative adult
  4. Theater activities, art activities
  5. Creative curriculum
  6. RWCT methods, open-ended tasks and questions
  7. Final project presentations

Teaching methods

nteractive seminars, discussions, group work, analysis of video-recordings

Course completion requirements

Active participation in seminars, regular tasks, final project.