Courses provided by the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Pedagogy

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)


PhDr. Petra Vallin, Ph.D.


4 credits

Week No. Date Time Room Event code Teachers Note
2 1.3.2021 Mo 12:35 – 14:05 R118 20bOEMNN1707Zx01 Vallin Petra, PhDr., Ph.D.
4 15.3.2021 Mo 12:35 – 14:05 R118 20bOEMNN1707Zx01b Vallin Petra, PhDr., Ph.D.
6 29.3.2021 Mo 12:35 – 14:05 R118 20bOEMNN1707Zx01c Vallin Petra, PhDr., Ph.D.
8 12.4.2021 Mo 12:35 – 14:05 R118 20bOEMNN1707Zx01d Vallin Petra, PhDr., Ph.D.
10 26.4.2021 Mo 12:35 – 14:05 R118 20bOEMNN1707Zx01e Vallin Petra, PhDr., Ph.D.
12 10.5.2021 Mo 12:35 – 14:05 R118 20bOEMNN1707Zx01f Vallin Petra, PhDr., Ph.D.


The course focuses on CLIL methodology and its potential at primary school level. CLIL refers to any dual-focused educational context in which a foreign language is used as a medium in the teaching and learning of non-language subject such as Science, Maths, Geography, History or Sports. The course is designed as a series of workshops that are composed of discussions, hand-on activities, and practical tips how to use CLIL for teaching foreign language to young learners. Students will experience CLIL activities from the perspective of pupils, they will design their own activities and lesson plans and teach it within a micro-teaching session in our course.


  • Introduction to CLIL Methodology
  • Practice in Selected European Countries
  • Benefits and Risks of CLIL
  • CLIL Activities across the Primary School Curriculum
  • Scaffolding Strategies
  • Teaching Methods and Techniques Suitable for CLIL
  • Students’ Presentations of CLIL Lesson Plans

Teaching methods

Discussions, workshops, reflections, micro-teaching, video analysis

Course completion requirements

Active participation in the sessions, a lesson plan, micro-teaching