Department of pre-primary and primary education

Scientific orientation of the department

The department has a significant tradition in the field of research and development of changes in primary education. Department has played a crucial role in the process of transformation of Czech education since the early 1990s. The department focuses primarily on theoretical and research work in the field of education and training of children of preschool and early school age. At present, focuses on finding a balance between ontodidactic and psychodidactic perspectives in the field of pupil education. Other research activities are focused on the development of literacy in preschool and early school age, the possibility of raising and educating children from the age of two, on the effectiveness of preschool preparation. A vital research priority of the department is the research of the teaching profession and its changes and professional development of teachers. Pre-service teacher education research aims to find ways to practical innovation in teacher education. The department participates in research taking into account both general and didactic approaches. Other research examines the effectiveness of evaluation tools to assess the professional competencies of students during and at the end of the study. Another area of ​​interest of the department is the study of education and the teaching profession in a historical-comparative perspective. The department provides rigorous management (PhDr.) and participates in teaching in the doctoral program in the field of Pedagogy (PhD).

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