Dear students, It is an honour to welcome you on behalf of the Department of Pre-Primary and Primary Education Erasmus at our University.

In the attached links you will find a list of our courses and a presentation to learn more about them.

Department of pre-primary and primary education online info meeting:  02. 10. 2020 Google Meet:


We all hope that you will enjoy your stay and you will learn something new.

Jaroslav Pěnička


List of courses Winter semester 2020/21

Code Subject Credits Teacher contact
OEMNN1701Z Primary education 6 credits
OEMNN1706Z Pre-primary Education – current trends and challenges in Europe 6 credits
OEMNN1702Z Teaching practice I 5 credits
OEMNN1708Z Teaching practice II 5 credits
OEMNN1703Z Drama Teaching 4 credits
OEMNN1704Z Encouraging creative and innovative thinking in schools 4 credits
OEBNN1705Z Film Education 4 credits



Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 4 credits
OEMNN1709Z Lifology 4 credits
OEMNN1710Z Students Research Project in the Czech Republic 4 credits
OEMNN1711Z Young Children’s Worlds 5 credits


For slovak students: